I have created this blog site to voice my personal opinions, or post articles of interest to me. Additionally this site will populate the About/CEO page of my company website at www.end2endsupport.com and a couple other micorsites to be created.  I have been in the IT industry since 1983. I have worked in industries from Communications, Insurance, Governments, Retail, Publishing and many more.  Since 2001 I have taken a vacation from the Big Corporate world and began my adventure as a CEO of a small service and sales company with the purpose of educating and helping small businesses and individuals.  It has been a great experience because for the most part I do what I want and I am doing something I love.  A few years back I was also an agent for Primerica and I worked under a couple named Rhonda and Jerry Byer.  Jerry during one of his presentations he said he no longer goes to work everyday. He continued and said “…I Plorks instead. Plork is what you get when you create this equation Play + Work = Plork.   On the down side for my business is I have not made tons of money, on the up side I have touched many individuals and gained lots of business related friends.

Our company is now on the move again, we continue to focus on Individuals and Small Businesses but we are bringing a new product to our customers. We are creating a support model similar to the one that was created for large businesses a few years ago. MSPs are Manage Service Providers these are also sometimes known as Trusted Advisers.  The market for most MSPs are shops of 10 or more and at least 1 server.  This is not or typical customer. We are mostly that and below, not because we can not support the larger customer, but because we like the forgotten crowd.  We are bringing a Monitored Help Desk and Remote Support  to the more common denominator in our electronic world.

Our motto for the company come in to flavors:

  1. Simply Reliable Solutions, llc – “Our corporate goal is to help solve problems with reliable solutions and keep it simple. – KISS” This is our corporate name and goal.
  2. E2 Computers – “End 2 End Support” Our office/store in Tarpon Springs established in 2004.  We try to help customers find the right solution and when possible we work with them from start to finish.

This is what my company is all about and what some of my goals are.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts and feedback with all of you in these post in the future.


Steven Suslick



  1. Hi Steven —
    Don’t know if you received my reply to your comment on my blog —
    No, the ring was not found in the “box ‘o rocks,” but I still think it has to be somewhere cold! Thanks for the info on pocket aces — I try to know what I’m talking about, but generally I don’t. Thinking about your family….

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