Another “Bong Law” in Florida! 06/14/2013

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

End2End Support Forum

It appears that Florida law makers have nothing better to do than create laws to prevent the use of Marijuana and its related paraphernalia. First those who know me know I am not a user or supporter of smoking of weed. But, I do love some of the artwork and glass blowing techniques used in making such paraphernalia.  So for one I am not a supporter of the new law. Second, ban the drug and use of it like every other state, but you can not use the smoking gun approach to everything.  So the theory here is that if you own a bong it means your a pot head.  So if I own a gun does that imply I am a cold blooded killer, If I am from Texas and own a chainsaw I am a serial killer (Texas Chain Saw Massacre).

Second doesn’t our legislature have something better to…

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