Gaming cheat prevention tool found to be doing thing other than cheat prevention. 05/03/2013

Posted: May 3, 2013 in On-line Games, Tech Talk
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I was reading a tweet from @nakedsecurity and wanted to share the content with anyone willing to read it.

Often wonder why your computer seems to have an attitude issue when you load or run some software.

This article may shed some light on the subject.  What does the fancy code do. In the example from this tweet the software installed to “Prevent Cheating” appears to have many options, the one that got discovered was Bit Mining for the company. In the future we can look at bit mining but the issue here is that the cheat module is using extra resources or idle time to run other code.  This becomes evident when the system seem like it is working harder than it used too.  Read the article “Network gaming company uses its “cheat-prevention” client to build a Bitcoin botnet” at the NakedSecurity blog site.

This is an extremely interesting article and should be passed on to others. Get the word out!


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